21 May 2010

Saawan Barse... Tarse Dil....

Apparently Laila is running around in India searching for someone (Majnoo maybe) showering & sheltering us from the pricking heat the sun offered for free.

Rains are lovely, all of us like to get drenched, play and dance in the rain assuming we take some genes from the “Pavo cristatus”, smell the wet aroma mother earth offers us. Totally agree on all that, but man practically “the mess” sucks the shit out of me.

• The muddy roads getting the tires dirty, and when the car lands inside the portico after carrying 90% of the mud into home.

• The wet slippery shoes/sandals creating ruckus to the welcome mats, carpets, car interiors and so on.

• The clothes not receiving much sunshine put to dry under the fan & the home smells of wet bad smell.

• Because the clothes did not dry, rather crispy dry leaving a dirty stench when you wear it next.

• The way you are expected to carry an umbrella everywhere you go which leaves you with just one hand to spare hence reducing the shopping bags.

I can forgive the rain gods for one best thing; it’s when I wake up around 5:45am for the daily walk, realize that it’s raining & hence pull that blanket up to catch some sleep without any regrets of being lazy to go for a walk.

Timing really matters & you “Laila” better remember that 5:45 it is!!!