4 May 2010

Teriyaki Boyz in the Background

Ouch my back hurts; wait it’s not just my back, the entire body hurts. Hurts & how, certain things are meant to be felt and realized & not just read to be understood. Reason being simple, I have started this new venture after the slow breath controlling Yoga; it is “Dance Aerobics + Kick Boxing” time.

3 days a week, an hour of vigorous session it is. But if you love dance, it’s just lovely how you will not realize the way the fat is being burnt. Of course the aftermath is the pain. But no pain no bloody gain isn’t it?

I am off to practice those moves 1, 2 stretch and bend, 3, 4 stretch and kick. Continue 4 more sets;

Now Playing: Tokyo Drift I wonder if we know How they workout in Gym (hai!) If you see it, AND you mean it, Then you know you have to go :)