25 May 2010

What More Can I Give?

Today, while myself and colleague collected money for the "charity housie" event, memories took me down the lane.

Not so long ago, I was in kindergarten, the Christian organization made an announcement in the class. “Please donate all your old clothes, shoes and stuff to the needy. They need it”. I promptly came home to pack clothes I never liked or thought-they-dint-create-fashion-sense.

Horrified mom thought I was leaving home; that’s another story. Anyways so the packing was on and mom enquired what I was doing. I told her about my interest in donating stuff to the needy in the orphanages. Happy that her kid thinks beyond her age, mom too pitched in & added one of my favorite ribbon shaped red shoes that I had outgrown to.

So finally we were ready with a baggage containing dad’s trousers, my frocks, mom’s Sarees & not to forget my shoes. The bag too was donated & mom being proudest in full spree ended the saga. But not until we saw something terrible on Christmas; while the groups sang carol, I watched kids dancing merrily to the tunes & spotted my shoes. The same shoes that I had donated earlier last year; it was worn by this little boy.

The boy turned out to be the kid of my class teacher at kindergarten; & that’s the day me & mom last faith in “we-will-help-the-needy” kind of organization.

“Transparency and Trust are two sides of charity” is what I believe.
They say charity begins at home, probably the teacher thought it other-wise.