27 May 2010

Yay - Read it to Believe!

Certain quotes are thought provoking.
“If you have the ability doesn’t mean you are good at it”
– someone told me recently.

Al though many of my reader friends offered their suggestions that I write well and I should consider on publishing level, I gave it a pass. I always had this “Can I do it?” sorta question. But what the heck, a question that makes you think, is worth adding some ink.

So after giving up my “let’s see” attitude, I guess now is the time; so this is an official announcement.

Soon 'the book' will be out authored by “ME”

Uhhhh keep those inputs, wishes, and comments coming in already!!!

Not that you should do it but I would love to read it.


Acp said...

It's been a loang awaited decision,good to hear at last, do excel in whatever u do...do it from ur heart and God Bless.