1 Jun 2010

Akele Hai Tho Kya Gum Hai???

Dammit. It’s so hard to find the “me time” these days. It is tumba essential by the way. One can solve a lot many pending decisions that time. Breathe away in lots of free space. Talk to self with no one thinking it’s insane. More importantly, you don’t have to pretend or act. Just be yourself, will be the statement.

Ya as I was saying, it’s tough. The bleedy phone starts to ring and it will be that old friend of yours who calls up once in a blue moon coz she is busy and all that. You got to pick up & get updated with lot many things that matter more than the solitude Gossip. Or it’s the online book store which refused to pick your call for 5 long days after taking up an important order to ring up. You are left with two choices, either sacrifice isolation for few minutes or get isolated without your favorite book. Sister who is never emotional sends a sms saying that she is feeling alone and needs you. You don’t want to screw up the lovely elder sister for 19 years thingie.

So choices are made.
& I am still craving for that seclusion, I tell you.

But as they say, Loneliness is a special enjoyment when chosen by ourselves but hard to digest when gifted by others. Been there done that so I guess this is FINE.


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