21 Jun 2010

Film: Raavan

Dus Sar Ka Headache

Bad looking man kidnaps great looking dancer

She cries and yells but is not scared
Girl’s cop husband is not happy; he kills bad man’s men and shouts “Beeeeraaaaaaa” real loud
Now bad man is not happy; he kills cops and shouts “Ssssss Ppppp” more loud
Girl tries to escape, again gets caught, and prays to some sleepy broken lord not to make her weak.

In between there are shouting singers, lot of rain, bad costumes (Sabya actually made Ash wear white after she came out of captivity, white as in sign of purity) and dark jungles!

Too much of “buck buck buck” in the first half, which pushes the audience out and asks them to not to return. Those who braved the initial 60 minutes and still sat munching popcorn, somewhat get a storyline post-interval.

The only thing I loved about watching the movies, was this new flavor of popcorn, cheese n chilly. Oh & the movie, you may want to skip it and watch “The Karate Kid” instead, Jackie Chan looks great and Jade Smith has acted kicked extraordinary.

Raavan: 2/5