4 Jun 2010

Jai Ho Movie Magic

Whenever a movie is on TV, I recall all the reminiscences associated with them. Movies according to me are not just for entertainment, not just to be seen & verdict as hit or flop, nor are they for time pass. They are the key to memories, to a very large extent. Ok lemme explain

I & my late mama watched this flick together when I was in 3rd. We loved the songs to such amount that while on the way home we picked up the “Tips cassette”. Oh also I loved the fancy plain very thin see through chiffon Sarees & well matched 2 dozen bangles, Sridevi wore. So on mom’s birthday I made her brother gift the same kind of Saree along with the bangles for her birthday. Now that mama is no more that Saree is the most possessed gift mom says.

This is only movie that has dad’s presence. He is not a movie person & makes sure everyone in family abides by his take on cinema. I wonder what struck to him that day; he took me & mom for this version. May be the name of the movie itself defines the cause.

The only movie that we watched standing; yeah that’s correct you read it right. Initially when the seat lafda started we thought we better rush back home, but once the action started there was nothing to be said. It needed standing ovation & viewing as well. Guess it was me, Sanki and his dad.

This cannot be forgotten mainly because this was the first Tamil movie watched in theatre and also happens to be my sister’s debut movie in theatre. It was me, sis, Deepakka, Sanki and his dad crew. Pre interval it was us asking “what did he say” question and the second half sis crying that she needs to go home, that left uncle with nothing.

Kathegalu Sir Kathegalu
Going by the earlier two movies that had similar crew and forgetting that sequels are usually screwed up, we, the family of 13 landed to the theatre. This was after a tiresome 3 days excursion, so most of the members including me ended up sleeping for solid 45 minutes while it was running. I guess no matter how bad the movie is I have always sat in the theatre backing up my choice of the movie and never dozed off. This was an exception, hence needs a listing.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
Being in 12th marks the peak of studies, & those were such days. N, a good friend of mine pestered me that we should see it 1st day 1st show. Although the theater owner is a family friend, I couldn’t ask for tickets obviously that would reach dad. We made it to the theatre by 8am, stood in the hot sun, got tickets and viewed the movie. Of course just this is not worth making to this memorable list, it’s the after part. That night dad brought a good print DVD of the same movie. The initial flash-back part of the movie is in B&W, so the DVD started playing it the same way. Mom thought the TV went off with the color & panicked, so I told her, relax ma it’s actually in B&W. How do you know was the question, of course I had an answer ready that someone who saw the movie narrated it. “They told that the flash-back is in B&W?” asked mom. Now you know why it’s remembered.

Khushi (Kannada)
It was engineering, & all my pals had gone home as it was a long weekend. I was down & out emotionally for some reason, so SN, a friend of mine, instead of going home, cancelled the tickets & took me for the movie. Going by the title the movie did lift my spirits and so did the friend’s nice gesture.

MunnaBhai M.B.B.S
Even though I had already watched the movie on the DVD, it was special in many ways. It was the first time I went out with Pan. I was literally on a different world & good that the movie was already viewed; else it would be difficult choice. I mean to view the movie or talk with pan. It was also the first movie in the capital city.

Kallarali Hoovagi
After grandma passed away grandpa has quit watching movies in the theatre. I somehow convinced him about this, made him step into the cinema world after 10years. He thoroughly enjoyed the flick, thanked me & sister for choosing it for a watch. It was an emotional moment as the flower on grandma’s photo fell down while he spoke to us, just like it happens in movies.

Traffic Signal
Totally opposite of the MunnaBhai version; to be specific it was our last, hence will always be cherished.

After R made it to Ireland, this movie was a part of the treat. It was later combined with awesome lunch aunty made, & not to forget the dress she gifted me which though old yet is my favorite.

The motive was to watch “Duniya” which has a second release in town as the first time it was missed. Me and A, set out to the cinema hall mentioned in the paper, but when we reached shock awaited us. The movie was lifted & we had to watch this movie. Thank lord it turned out to be a good swamake film.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Pati took me to the classic after we got officially hooked up. What a movie to start with I tell you, the entire family laughed their hearts out hearing the choice & the co-incidence. To mark it more memorable, it was a surprise as the initial first date did not have this in the itinerary. I was blushing when I saw the ticket which is typically not me.

There are hundreds more, but a blocked ticket for “Raajneeti” calls me as of now. So it’s Jai Ho to Bollywood, Sandalwood, Kollywood etc.