29 Jun 2010

Maids and thier Honors

The cook is such an integral part of our my life. From bed coffee to a glass of milk after dinner, she takes care of everything and everyone. She has been there in this place since my MIL came as a new dulhan. She was sent as part of dowry may be :)

She knows where the noodles packet is, whether the bananas are ripe or not and what is out of stock.

The first time she took leave, I was making helping MIL make “rotis”. My fingers somehow kissed the hot pan and I had a terrible blister on my forefinger for 3 days. Next when she took leave, I was chopping onions for the garden salad and I cut my ring finger. When I say cut, read it as “deep cut”. The garden salad was less green and more red. Now she has taken 3 days off and all the scrubbing of utensils has caused the skin on my fingers to tear up. I guess it’s the detergents doing the harm on my soft baby like palms.

Final Verdict is that my hands love the dining hall & obviously hate the kitchen.

My mom though is lot cleverer. She has 3 non-resident maids. There is one exclusively for cooking and groceries shopping, another for washing utensils, gardening and last one for laundry & cleaning home. So if one of then don’t turn up, she has a back-up. Also these maids are much synchronized; they talk to each other and make sure they assign their work to another in their absence. Mom, is a good project manager; of the project HOME.

I am off to rub some moisturizer on my hands; you guys take care and make sure you are in good terms with your maid. ALWAYS


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