15 Jun 2010

So Sick

One damn machar can screw away a lot many lives I tell you. I mean of all the parties dad had to attend one of those lawn parties, get bitten by the mosquito and come back home with high fever.
Now mom being the lovely wife, took good care of him, called the doctor who declared it was “chikungunya”, wrote down the medicines and the blood test that was asked to be done, took him to the lab and by the end of two days, not only did she take the pain but also the disease along. So she lies in one room, yelling in pain and dad in another, to top that my dear sister has final exams. So I became the good girl, took responsibility and started the nursing job.

Preparing special food for the patients, taking them to the doctor, collecting the blood reports, giving correct medicines at right time and attending to the guests who came visiting by, I did all. When they were on own, walking with support, I said “there are other tasks I need to fulfill” and came back to in-laws. Only to fall ill though; to miss the much awaited toastmasters charter ceremony where I had to give my first icebreaker speech. There was this painting competition for which I had held the brushes after long time, yeah that too was given a miss. The gym regime went to dogs and my trainer thought I quit after his constant torturing.

Worst still the same time hubby had to get a fat hike and I was literally bed ridden to celebrate even with a hug. The weekend plan to Bangalore was cancelled and Pati labeled me always-falling-sick-girl.

As of now there are no joint pains, no fever and no shivers but all that antibiotics have left 1, 2, 3….9 mouth ulcers on the tongue, lips and gums. I am now using my own sign language which no one at work understands but they are happy that I am silent.

& for the last time, no the weather is not romantic, it’s sick. It’s making people fall sick and I don’t like it that way.

Edited to Add: I almost watched all the star-plus soaps, felt happy that the story is almost the same since I got married and have given them a skip, saw the live, re-run of ZND and yeah got pampared by MIL to the core these 4 days.