3 Jun 2010

We Need Change

Boredom occurs when change is not constant; best example would be “The daily work – home” schedule. One can easily get tangled in the work-home routine; the everyday life will then seem to have ordinary stuff, the neighbor who sings loud when you are trying to sleep the extra 5 minutes, the trainer at the gym who burns thinks he burnt all the flab from your abs, the old potholes in the road, the 60 sec traffic lights that always blinks red, the security at the entrance who yells at the tone “ID dekhayiye madam” to the chair which has taken your weight for so many years now, that pleads the Almighty for a more lighter you.

The trainer will not welcome you with a glass of mango milkshake nor will the government fill the potholes, some random guy said don’t change the world, change yourself, so why not modify the current lifestyle on your own?

Try asking the neighbor to shut up & if that doesn’t work out pelt stones err I mean close the window, pop in some cotton plug to your ears & lengthen the snooze time to 10 minutes. The days you wake up late don’t hit the busy gym and wait for people to step down the thread-mill, start your favorite dance numbers & dance away to glory, sweat it that way to burn the calories.

For the roads, just close your eyes & evoke some imagination, guess the distance and the location of the vehicle just by experiencing the gear changes, the humps and the signal stops. Well don’t try this if you are driving though.

Dont be another Obama shouting "We Need Change", be the change and spice up your life.