28 Jun 2010

What do women want?

Of so many things that she aspires, the most important thing is a “normal” life. Not a life which is defined as “pre-marriage life” and “post-marriage life”

She wants genuine happiness in her dad’s eyes when he takes her in his arms for the first time and not that tension filled eyeballs thinking her as a burden.

She wants her mother to be blessed by her grannd parents for the healthy baby delivered and not a curse for giving them a “girl child”

She wants equal education her brother gets and not just some random degree for the matrimonial market value.

If she is lucky and gets all the above that she wanted then she wants a husband like her father and in-laws like her grandparents.

She wants to learn cooking so that she can feed herself and not gaining those extra points for her culinary skills, from the groom.

She wants to be herself and not someone else who according to the society will be the “first choice” of any guy.

She wants her to be taken to a new house without price tagging her.

She wants to be a daughter and not a daughter in law.

She wants respect for what she is, for she is someone who will keep all her happiness at stake for her family.

This is my entry for the BlogAdda’s What Woman Want contest