25 Jun 2010

Yeh Aaj Kal Ke Bachche!

There are 6 subjects of homework to be done within 3hours. The child after much cribbing settles, pulls books out from his bag and starts the task. Mom is beside him reading a book, 10 minutes done; he tries to erase, drops the eraser and goes searching for it. Few minutes pass and mother realizes that the kid isn’t in his seat. She yells and he returns with the eraser. Then starts the work again, few minutes rolls and he starts staring at the book mom is reading. Mother shouts to continue, while the phone rings. He jumps to pick up the phone and 30 minutes are passed. Again he is pushed back on the study table, starts the homework, writes three words and displays a broken pencil. He starts sharpening, the flower like waste flows out of the sharpener and he is amused. He collects the waste, makes circles of them, writes on them, hears mother yelling from the kitchen & starts the homework.

30 minutes later, mom is done with dinner, comes to check the status and finds kid sleeping peacefully.

Mom does the HW.