30 Jul 2010

It's All about compromises

Hitler said, “If everyone is happy with you, surely you have made lot of compromises in your life”. World is no more rules by the theory called survival of the fittest. No matter how rich you are or how happy you are, the reason behind has to be a compromise; either from you or from people who surround you.

There can be people who think that women are just slaves of men, if you ignore the fact that the man you are living with has less respect towards the womankind & that his thinking will not change the reality, you will be happy. But if you argue, stand for what you believe in, there could be 100 fingers pointing at you, that your wrong and finally you might reach a stage when you start believing the assumption. For times like this it’s better to “ignore & compromise”.

Imagine that you believed someone, you fought will everyone around who told that it will be a disaster, wasted half of your life trusting the person and one fine day that human being just leaves you mid way. That’s the point when people who told you its wrong will take advantage and start ruling your decisions. They assume and preach that you no longer can take correct decisions. For times like this you have to “accept & compromise”.

Then there are stereotypes, the rules the ancestors have made & which the world blindly follows. If you have to be respected in the society, you are expected to abide by all the rules and live that way. For times like these when you cannot ask them to shut-up, you have to “shut-up & compromise”.

But if you are a girl, a daughter, a sister, a mother and a wife that’s when you HAVE to compromise; no matter what the situation is, if they are not guilty or not at fault!!!

27 Jul 2010

Tip Tip Barsa Paani

Alright I guess the climate has stayed constant for all these days & that itself requires some accolades in the form of a write-up. More attention coz this time the gloomy weather has made me active and not otherwise.

The lovely drizzles that do the tip-top dance in the early morning wake me up, the chill temperature provokes me to work more at the gym keeping the body warm, the drive back home with some light showers cools me just right, then a hot shower to relax the tiring muscles, cup of fresh STRONG filter coffee from MIL…. – all are making my life so relaxing and I so want more of it.

& till date I was in a bad notion that such weather asks for cuddling with better half along with some hot pakoras blended with coffee viewing a great thriller movie. Of course that can be done over the weekend.

May be I could replace the bhuttas instead of pakoras, helps lessen the calorie intake.

Tip Tip Barsa Paani, Paani ne aag lagayi Paani ne mood badal daali

26 Jul 2010

Green Glass Bangles

They lay in the cupboard untouched for a long time now. Some were given to her during weddings, few during at the havans she attended and some she tried but couldn’t even remember.

Green was considered auspicious in her tradition, if it involved girls and their connubial life. It gave them power, power to stand against all the evil they come across, ancestors said. But she was one of those unfortunate who could not wear them. There was a problem and it was unsolved till date. All the glass bangles given had a standard size of 3.4. It never could enter her hands, no matter how hard she tried. Once the glass broke and entered her skin deep, the scar was still visible. Nor she could ask for a bigger size which would be as bad as not accepting.

She now owned a collection of all green shades, asparagus green to fern green to forest to gray-asparagus green to jungle to moss green to myrtle to pine to sap green to shamrock green to tea green to teal lime to bright green and there was more to it. It was not just collection of green bangles but collection of problems as well. None solved all disputed.

One fine day, the lightning stroked, & she received the green bangles at the local goddess deity as a mark of tradition. The priest blessed her with “May the powerful chithaliamma give you all her power to axe the concerns running in your mind”. She just smiled; she knew the bangles would never give her any luck but as usual tried wearing them. They were 3.8 sized and fitted her hands very well.

That’s when the green revolution began in her life…. At work and at home…

23 Jul 2010

Film: Inception

Dreaming Realities

“All my complaints have been heard and I am made responsible for things I am capable of”, wait a minute. I must be dreaming.

*goes ahead to pinch oneself*

Wakes up…..
Of course I was, how can anyone solve that problem of mine & it was a single layer dream.
Such is the impact of Inception, makes you dream for more.
I suggest you all to stop reading and go watch it in the theatres, today & now.

22 Jul 2010

Aroma Of

Onions with a table spoon of oil while frying
Jasmine buds fixed densely to the string
Mother earth after rain drops reach her
Ripened jackfruit even before it is chopped
Less than a year old baby when you hold it close
Fresh pure ghee in the Tirupathi Laddoo
Incense, camphor and Benzoin resin at the temples
Pages of an old book each time you flip it

Are few things that would work wonders for me if they were part of my “Aromatherapy!”

What’s on your list?

15 Jul 2010

The First Step

She lay awake even when the sparrows came out of the clock and cooed twice. The sadness was hovering every single night. The rain tip-toed in rhythm; like those A.R.Rehman tunes. She was scared, of everything and the world; the world that had him.

Just then the phone beeped. She opened the message.

“One who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying
She stood from her bed.

She walked out of the room.
She ran towards the hallway.
She climbed the stairs.

She danced the rain, felt the drops tickle her and when she contended, she stepped on the parapet and took a step ahead.

It was the first step towards flying and last towards life.

14 Jul 2010

In My Kitchen

You will never find me. Ha, seriously you won’t.

It will have my presence only when it requires giving a sign off on salt-chilly-sour taste. & these days they don’t even take my opinions. Apparently as I eat stuff with less salt and they have more. I do know how to cook but people at home aren’t ready to take the peril. Also I come with lot of rules. When I am cooking there should be none in the kitchen. Just like how men hate “be slow”, “look there is this car speeding” comments while he drives, I too don’t take “why don’t you add a little more”, “I think the water is too low”, “shall I help you chop” suggestions.

There’s more to it, I am like the cook who appears on food shows (I said appear and not the one who makes food that tastes yummy). To save the time and help the commercials, the ingredients are neatly chopped in different bowls. One has to just flame up the stove and start sauté. Its fun on TV but for the later part of it being the cleaning, it does take a lot of effort. Adding to that I don’t take the responsibility of the mess. Once the dish is done, I am out of the kitchen to relish; rest is someone else’s headache.

& my dishes have to be unique and known to none. Say I wouldn’t be interested to make idly, dosa but if you ask me to prepare “Steamed Chicken Momo”, I’ll be more than glad (remember I am one attention seeker). I take a lot of effort in searching for the recipe, taking a print-out, shopping the ingredients, chopping the way the recipe wants and garnishing it neat. But if you ask me to make that dish again, I will have to take a look at the print out again. I am not one of those ladies who remembers what goes when and how much simple because it has already being done previously.

Finally I can make a dish for 4, ok say max of 5. If there are more people thronging without prior notice then they have to suffice with what I have made. It can’t be those recipe makes four, just doubling would make it for 8. Trust me it doesn’t work that way.

If you are one of those who sometime in future will be part of my culinary skills, make it a point to learn by heart all the above points.

13 Jul 2010

Munchin N' Yappin

I am writing this with utmost disappointment, no really. How else would you explain 3 mean guys not letting a girl finish her talk; especially when the girl being the most talkative “yours truly”.

I’ll keep it short; just back from a yummy lunch combined with some crunchy conversation. The after math is not letting me type this post.

Thanks to Aby for your-glass-is-at-your-right gyaan, Shammi for changing-two-plates and Maaza for taking-my-excuse-me-so-well.

You all are great!

12 Jul 2010

By 2 T

Although 19th FIFA world cup belongs to SPAIN, the winners are Shakira & Paul. Shakira for her hot moves blended with music & Paul for his bang on predictions while having food. I’ve learnt a lot past 30 days in the tea time discussions; the offside, back passes, goalie techniques and that vuvuzela costs a lot (Come to our Jaathre you phirangs).

Tea talks are fun. It starts from the how rude the security is to current affairs, sometimes family matters if they have humor in them. How Dhoni’s wife is so much into “Rishtha-wahi-soch-nayi” soaps and hates sports. She wanted him to chop his hair and Yuvraj did not know this matter & so did our coorgie cricketer who we thought are best buddies. Then it was that SPI was almost on fire due to the negligence of some support staff. The fumes still smell inside the development area though.

Now that Spain is celebrating back home, Dhoni on his honeymoon, Paul waiting for next big event so that he’ll be served food, security being kicked out over we have to think about stuff for the breaks; may be we will debate on problems India is facing.

I guess the main reason is “people do not know their limits”, say for example making money. At some part of time it should stop but it doesn’t leading to corruption. Then Lokayuktha is appointed and not given any power. The head resigns, calls a press meet, complains and finally listens to some leader who is like a fatherly figure and takes back the resignation. In-between media enjoys the TRP.

Oh shucks looks like this topic will never end, tho Chalo ek cup chai ho jaaye.

10 Jul 2010

Sweet Talks Helps to Sweat

Everyone eyes the treadmill and no one wants the cycle. There is gigantic competition to go early and get hold of one. All 3 of us are up by 5:15, & by 5:40 we are in the gym only to see that there are people on them already. Each day we try & reach 5 minutes earlier but alas every time those morons beat us.

They are bunch of oldies that are sleep deprived. I mean how else would you imagine someone hitting the gym at 5am? I started gym only to tone/shape up my body, which a walk wouldn’t do and that I cannot wake up so soon. By the time I am up the sun would be singing suprabhata and the walks would be along with the scorching heat.

When the retired gang can be up by 5am, why waste time indoors? They could walk, chat and enjoy the fresh air. But no, they have to enroll for the gym, spend money, and waste our time. They are in an age where lifting up a kg of dumbbells would strain a muscle. So toning never comes in picture. I just sweet chatted with one of the grandpa and now when I am in, he obediently leaves me the machine; Pati and BIL are left with mouth-wide-open. Try that grandma-who-comes-with-makeup-to-look-like-aunty, I suggested but they won’t listen.

“Dishonesty is not equal to cheating”, I follow.

9 Jul 2010

Apara Bhojanavidu Bage Bageya Bhakshagalivu

Scene from: Gowdru Madve Oota*

*Read at your own risk, contains 100% carbohydrates, 100% fat and tons of calories.

[{Wash Yele after sprinking water}]

Hasiru Yele mele adanna tholdiro tunturu neeru, table weight thara plastic glass nalli kudiyakke neeru.

Left nalli ruchige takashtu uppu, adara pakka chutike uppina kaayi.

Next beans palya along with Raja special

Extreme right ge 1 spoon milk kheer

Eradu Puri ge agoshtu saagu

Oil fried capsicum bonda

Ondu crispy happala

Bisibelebath mele khara boondi

Sample ge 2 piecs pakadha leaf na 3” radius kaayi holige smeared with karagiro cold thuppa

Swalpa anna adke thili saaru

Innu swalpa kammi anna but jasti mosru

Extra fittings ge leaf horage, beeda & banana

Just taste ge anta 2 spoon “delicious” company ya vanilla ice cream

[{\Wash Hands}]

P.S: Aste, Story finish, Go Home. What are you waiting for? Honeymoon???

8 Jul 2010

Realization #2

Effects of too much “gossiping”

Either you repeat the news to the listener, which he/she has already heard from you.

Or you assume that you told the listener and continue the part II of gossip and realize that you have not told the part I stuff.

Has happened a lot with me, don't know about you guys.

7 Jul 2010

Mangalyam Tantunanena

The marriage is over.

It’s so astonishing that people can do down to such an extent.

Promising the world that they will never marry and then one fine day ending up with someone, whom they think as their best match; as the saying goes, marriages are made in heaven, they decided to give some hell to rest of the followers.

How could Niveditha thaayi think of eloping with the guy so young than her, persuading for wedding, entering the wedlock changing identities and finally landing in the station to declare that no kidnap has ever occurred.

I guess people who dared to believe the saffron class will should pelt stones at them now. I mean as SC’s status read “One grabs the land and the other…something else … and now this maha-sthree elopes with a minor…above all this “we the people” worship them…but at the end of the day, there us no respect for the true brahmacharis like….”

*Bows* here is some respect to you SC

6 Jul 2010

No to No Gifts Please

I love gifts. Even the ones that I cannot use. & all my friends know that. They are more of memories to me. Like, I have this biography of “The Wall” gifted by H almost 6 years back that I still cherish. I can revive the day it was gifted to me in a small cig smoke filled dungeon room amidst people who I don’t even know exist or not. The “You were made for me” glass souvenir lies neat on my work desk gifted by Pan, reminds me of all the tantrums I made that made such a lovely & sensible selection gift finally.

Our home has 2 doctors, & they get gifted by all the rep guys. & I am the sole owner of all the freebies. One of my drawers is full of them, stationeries, innovative bulbs, auto sensor hand washers, perfumes, toiletries, room fresheners, photo frames, cutleries, candles, digital planners etc.

I use some now and store rest for when we have our new home. But nothing goes wasted i.e. thrown or given to relatives. I sometimes wonder why these reps can’t give stuff like optical mouse or headphones or laptop goodies & then I remember that they are doctors, ones with stethoscope & not with keyboard.


5 Jul 2010

Kaam Thamaam

Happy Bharath Bandh to guys who are at home relaxing, while I toil at office.

Also Happy Independence Day for all you Phirangs, ones working for them, desis working there & Taylor Lautner, esp. to you.

On my way to office, the roads were deserted, shops closed, no autos, no transport. It was like those Hollywood movies where there is a sudden alien invasion, and humans are captive. I Like.

My office follows the “why-should-we” policy; Pati got a sms from Infy yesterday that they are off. He is enjoying the company of my FIL who is his own master and decided that he won’t go to his clinic today. The niece of course has her school closed. Rest already stay at home, that leaves me alone who is working. Arrghhhh, at these times I would console myself with “work is worship” dialogue.

I am off, loads of work calling… as I said “Work is Worship”


2 Jul 2010

Attention - Stand At Ease

Ever since I knew what attention was, I wanted it. Who doesn’t love attention? (Yeah there are people like Vatti, which requires another post). Now coming back to the “attention seeking” me, I often managed to get them without much effort. One astrologer predicted that I will be famous “worldwide”, I am still waiting for that to happen and working towards it, before I leave the world. Talking about the dead, there are some who are on news even after their death.

Kulla wants to make movie is making a movie with “Sudeep”. He says that the hero suggested the title as “Vishnuvardhan”. Bharathi says that her husband kept kulla away after he realized his commercial gimmicks. So she doesn’t want usage of his name for the flick. While we get to watch the fights online, it is reported that yesterday while the muhurath was on, there was fire at the studio.

Must be sahasa simha’s aathma which came back to take care of kulla.

What??? Why are you guys laughing? Haven’t you heard the famous song of often-left-hand-twisting-man?

Havina dwesha 12 years, nanna dwesha 100 years?

P.S: Do take a minute to watch this !!

1 Jul 2010

I DON'T Hate Love Storys

KJ is back with another romantic DDLJ kinda flick. I am sure no other movie can match DDLJ coz it was the pioneer of romances. The risk of casting fresh face as the main characters gave fruits in a most unbelievable way.

Wishing the movie “All the best”; after the Kites and Raavan disaster I have lost hope on Hindi movies as well (when I say as well, Kannada is included). This post is certainly not about the movie but talks of all the love stories that I have seen, been part of and finally witnessing the nuptials.

First one to hook up was my close friend TT with G; myself and M were the first ones to know with some stupid thing called “Crush Calculator”. I have seen thier great times, & not so great times, how they stood up for their commitment, how many adjustments TT made, the way G argued and convinced & at the end the “differences” between families melting away. Finally on October 2007, we were present blessing the couple & throwing lots of “saffron rice” when G tied 3 knots to TT.

Next one being of Chamko and Dummi; even here I was the 1st one to know. I remember Chamko messaging me about she being his latest crush; al though I never though it was serious. One fine day while I threw party for dad getting CM medal, they got officially committed. I guess the conference call “Pan -> Chamko”, “Pan -> My number” then connecting “Chamko -> My Number” gave the news. Few years from then her family knew, she was house arrested and after much speculation, on labors day 2008 they choose never to take an off. She promised to be his wife and he her life. That was a life time commitment job without perks!!!

I won’t call “2 states” is just a story of “CB” and “Ananya”, but it is also the story of my good friend “Komi” and the “Balle Balle Boy Puneeth”. Our dear Komi traveled a lot on trains and met him on board. That’s how the love blossomed and the 2 states became one. He decided to learn kannada for her and she swore she wont laugh at any of the sardar jokes. On May 2009, they made us proud by making the Punjabis dance to the Carnatic tunes.

There was this friend/dentist guy whom I knew as someone’s best friend since school and neighbor. He had a connection which was “Airtel -> Airtel” completely free just for his classmate/dentist girl friend S. I saw them go through studies, then her family agreeing & his revolting; finally H got helped them get married under registrar. It was like those “Alai Payuthey” movie stories that I saw come live, last I heard they both are happily married, oh & also expecting.

There was this roommate of H, whom I knew well and the gang met him in his company which was really far & Komi kept puking all the way we reached. It was some sort of industrial tour we took I guess, so this guy used to talk about giving baalu (life) to some gal. I vaguely remember why, may be she had some deadly disease. He went ahead and married her, a great step in life I think. There are very less people who stick on to their decisions & promises.

Although I did not know the good part of the relationship, I came across all the negotiating/adjusting part of my colleague’s life. They are so very opposite, I mean he is an engineer and she a doctor. They are not even from the same place or caste, but love has no boundaries. August 2009 I found myself relishing bisi-bisi “Jileby” at their marriage along with mom and Pati. Also they do group studies now, she for her MD and he for his MBA. Togetherness is important, not the subject.

How can I forget the story of akka and A? Someone who loves the camera met someone who likes being behind the camera, fell in love and got married amidst so many “no’s” from both families. She doesn’t like the name of chicken and his favorite is the murgi. Married for long years and now playing with lovely daughter “Dimpu”.

It will be too bad if I do not mention one love story without which I wouldn’t have been born. My parents, who happen to be relatives too, were in love when mom was in 7th. She still remembers her Sanskrit tuitions which she never attended and met dad those times, finally when the family knew, grandpa didn’t want a “police guy” to be his SIL. But dad went and met all of grandpa’s friends; convinced them and they convinced grandpa. Married for 27 years now, with two lovely daughters, they are one happy couple.

Cheers to all the couples who stood by their decision, made it through marriage and are still in love. Much thanks to destiny which played a vital role. These are the stories that have made into my list; for my kid’s bedtime tales.

They will start with “Once there lived a king and he met the queen…..& they happily lived ever after”