2 Jul 2010

Attention - Stand At Ease

Ever since I knew what attention was, I wanted it. Who doesn’t love attention? (Yeah there are people like Vatti, which requires another post). Now coming back to the “attention seeking” me, I often managed to get them without much effort. One astrologer predicted that I will be famous “worldwide”, I am still waiting for that to happen and working towards it, before I leave the world. Talking about the dead, there are some who are on news even after their death.

Kulla wants to make movie is making a movie with “Sudeep”. He says that the hero suggested the title as “Vishnuvardhan”. Bharathi says that her husband kept kulla away after he realized his commercial gimmicks. So she doesn’t want usage of his name for the flick. While we get to watch the fights online, it is reported that yesterday while the muhurath was on, there was fire at the studio.

Must be sahasa simha’s aathma which came back to take care of kulla.

What??? Why are you guys laughing? Haven’t you heard the famous song of often-left-hand-twisting-man?

Havina dwesha 12 years, nanna dwesha 100 years?

P.S: Do take a minute to watch this !!