12 Jul 2010

By 2 T

Although 19th FIFA world cup belongs to SPAIN, the winners are Shakira & Paul. Shakira for her hot moves blended with music & Paul for his bang on predictions while having food. I’ve learnt a lot past 30 days in the tea time discussions; the offside, back passes, goalie techniques and that vuvuzela costs a lot (Come to our Jaathre you phirangs).

Tea talks are fun. It starts from the how rude the security is to current affairs, sometimes family matters if they have humor in them. How Dhoni’s wife is so much into “Rishtha-wahi-soch-nayi” soaps and hates sports. She wanted him to chop his hair and Yuvraj did not know this matter & so did our coorgie cricketer who we thought are best buddies. Then it was that SPI was almost on fire due to the negligence of some support staff. The fumes still smell inside the development area though.

Now that Spain is celebrating back home, Dhoni on his honeymoon, Paul waiting for next big event so that he’ll be served food, security being kicked out over we have to think about stuff for the breaks; may be we will debate on problems India is facing.

I guess the main reason is “people do not know their limits”, say for example making money. At some part of time it should stop but it doesn’t leading to corruption. Then Lokayuktha is appointed and not given any power. The head resigns, calls a press meet, complains and finally listens to some leader who is like a fatherly figure and takes back the resignation. In-between media enjoys the TRP.

Oh shucks looks like this topic will never end, tho Chalo ek cup chai ho jaaye.