1 Jul 2010

I DON'T Hate Love Storys

KJ is back with another romantic DDLJ kinda flick. I am sure no other movie can match DDLJ coz it was the pioneer of romances. The risk of casting fresh face as the main characters gave fruits in a most unbelievable way.

Wishing the movie “All the best”; after the Kites and Raavan disaster I have lost hope on Hindi movies as well (when I say as well, Kannada is included). This post is certainly not about the movie but talks of all the love stories that I have seen, been part of and finally witnessing the nuptials.

First one to hook up was my close friend TT with G; myself and M were the first ones to know with some stupid thing called “Crush Calculator”. I have seen thier great times, & not so great times, how they stood up for their commitment, how many adjustments TT made, the way G argued and convinced & at the end the “differences” between families melting away. Finally on October 2007, we were present blessing the couple & throwing lots of “saffron rice” when G tied 3 knots to TT.

Next one being of Chamko and Dummi; even here I was the 1st one to know. I remember Chamko messaging me about she being his latest crush; al though I never though it was serious. One fine day while I threw party for dad getting CM medal, they got officially committed. I guess the conference call “Pan -> Chamko”, “Pan -> My number” then connecting “Chamko -> My Number” gave the news. Few years from then her family knew, she was house arrested and after much speculation, on labors day 2008 they choose never to take an off. She promised to be his wife and he her life. That was a life time commitment job without perks!!!

I won’t call “2 states” is just a story of “CB” and “Ananya”, but it is also the story of my good friend “Komi” and the “Balle Balle Boy Puneeth”. Our dear Komi traveled a lot on trains and met him on board. That’s how the love blossomed and the 2 states became one. He decided to learn kannada for her and she swore she wont laugh at any of the sardar jokes. On May 2009, they made us proud by making the Punjabis dance to the Carnatic tunes.

There was this friend/dentist guy whom I knew as someone’s best friend since school and neighbor. He had a connection which was “Airtel -> Airtel” completely free just for his classmate/dentist girl friend S. I saw them go through studies, then her family agreeing & his revolting; finally H got helped them get married under registrar. It was like those “Alai Payuthey” movie stories that I saw come live, last I heard they both are happily married, oh & also expecting.

There was this roommate of H, whom I knew well and the gang met him in his company which was really far & Komi kept puking all the way we reached. It was some sort of industrial tour we took I guess, so this guy used to talk about giving baalu (life) to some gal. I vaguely remember why, may be she had some deadly disease. He went ahead and married her, a great step in life I think. There are very less people who stick on to their decisions & promises.

Although I did not know the good part of the relationship, I came across all the negotiating/adjusting part of my colleague’s life. They are so very opposite, I mean he is an engineer and she a doctor. They are not even from the same place or caste, but love has no boundaries. August 2009 I found myself relishing bisi-bisi “Jileby” at their marriage along with mom and Pati. Also they do group studies now, she for her MD and he for his MBA. Togetherness is important, not the subject.

How can I forget the story of akka and A? Someone who loves the camera met someone who likes being behind the camera, fell in love and got married amidst so many “no’s” from both families. She doesn’t like the name of chicken and his favorite is the murgi. Married for long years and now playing with lovely daughter “Dimpu”.

It will be too bad if I do not mention one love story without which I wouldn’t have been born. My parents, who happen to be relatives too, were in love when mom was in 7th. She still remembers her Sanskrit tuitions which she never attended and met dad those times, finally when the family knew, grandpa didn’t want a “police guy” to be his SIL. But dad went and met all of grandpa’s friends; convinced them and they convinced grandpa. Married for 27 years now, with two lovely daughters, they are one happy couple.

Cheers to all the couples who stood by their decision, made it through marriage and are still in love. Much thanks to destiny which played a vital role. These are the stories that have made into my list; for my kid’s bedtime tales.

They will start with “Once there lived a king and he met the queen…..& they happily lived ever after”


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