14 Jul 2010

In My Kitchen

You will never find me. Ha, seriously you won’t.

It will have my presence only when it requires giving a sign off on salt-chilly-sour taste. & these days they don’t even take my opinions. Apparently as I eat stuff with less salt and they have more. I do know how to cook but people at home aren’t ready to take the peril. Also I come with lot of rules. When I am cooking there should be none in the kitchen. Just like how men hate “be slow”, “look there is this car speeding” comments while he drives, I too don’t take “why don’t you add a little more”, “I think the water is too low”, “shall I help you chop” suggestions.

There’s more to it, I am like the cook who appears on food shows (I said appear and not the one who makes food that tastes yummy). To save the time and help the commercials, the ingredients are neatly chopped in different bowls. One has to just flame up the stove and start sauté. Its fun on TV but for the later part of it being the cleaning, it does take a lot of effort. Adding to that I don’t take the responsibility of the mess. Once the dish is done, I am out of the kitchen to relish; rest is someone else’s headache.

& my dishes have to be unique and known to none. Say I wouldn’t be interested to make idly, dosa but if you ask me to prepare “Steamed Chicken Momo”, I’ll be more than glad (remember I am one attention seeker). I take a lot of effort in searching for the recipe, taking a print-out, shopping the ingredients, chopping the way the recipe wants and garnishing it neat. But if you ask me to make that dish again, I will have to take a look at the print out again. I am not one of those ladies who remembers what goes when and how much simple because it has already being done previously.

Finally I can make a dish for 4, ok say max of 5. If there are more people thronging without prior notice then they have to suffice with what I have made. It can’t be those recipe makes four, just doubling would make it for 8. Trust me it doesn’t work that way.

If you are one of those who sometime in future will be part of my culinary skills, make it a point to learn by heart all the above points.