30 Jul 2010

It's All about compromises

Hitler said, “If everyone is happy with you, surely you have made lot of compromises in your life”. World is no more rules by the theory called survival of the fittest. No matter how rich you are or how happy you are, the reason behind has to be a compromise; either from you or from people who surround you.

There can be people who think that women are just slaves of men, if you ignore the fact that the man you are living with has less respect towards the womankind & that his thinking will not change the reality, you will be happy. But if you argue, stand for what you believe in, there could be 100 fingers pointing at you, that your wrong and finally you might reach a stage when you start believing the assumption. For times like this it’s better to “ignore & compromise”.

Imagine that you believed someone, you fought will everyone around who told that it will be a disaster, wasted half of your life trusting the person and one fine day that human being just leaves you mid way. That’s the point when people who told you its wrong will take advantage and start ruling your decisions. They assume and preach that you no longer can take correct decisions. For times like this you have to “accept & compromise”.

Then there are stereotypes, the rules the ancestors have made & which the world blindly follows. If you have to be respected in the society, you are expected to abide by all the rules and live that way. For times like these when you cannot ask them to shut-up, you have to “shut-up & compromise”.

But if you are a girl, a daughter, a sister, a mother and a wife that’s when you HAVE to compromise; no matter what the situation is, if they are not guilty or not at fault!!!