5 Jul 2010

Kaam Thamaam

Happy Bharath Bandh to guys who are at home relaxing, while I toil at office.

Also Happy Independence Day for all you Phirangs, ones working for them, desis working there & Taylor Lautner, esp. to you.

On my way to office, the roads were deserted, shops closed, no autos, no transport. It was like those Hollywood movies where there is a sudden alien invasion, and humans are captive. I Like.

My office follows the “why-should-we” policy; Pati got a sms from Infy yesterday that they are off. He is enjoying the company of my FIL who is his own master and decided that he won’t go to his clinic today. The niece of course has her school closed. Rest already stay at home, that leaves me alone who is working. Arrghhhh, at these times I would console myself with “work is worship” dialogue.

I am off, loads of work calling… as I said “Work is Worship”