7 Jul 2010

Mangalyam Tantunanena

The marriage is over.

It’s so astonishing that people can do down to such an extent.

Promising the world that they will never marry and then one fine day ending up with someone, whom they think as their best match; as the saying goes, marriages are made in heaven, they decided to give some hell to rest of the followers.

How could Niveditha thaayi think of eloping with the guy so young than her, persuading for wedding, entering the wedlock changing identities and finally landing in the station to declare that no kidnap has ever occurred.

I guess people who dared to believe the saffron class will should pelt stones at them now. I mean as SC’s status read “One grabs the land and the other…something else … and now this maha-sthree elopes with a minor…above all this “we the people” worship them…but at the end of the day, there us no respect for the true brahmacharis like….”

*Bows* here is some respect to you SC