6 Jul 2010

No to No Gifts Please

I love gifts. Even the ones that I cannot use. & all my friends know that. They are more of memories to me. Like, I have this biography of “The Wall” gifted by H almost 6 years back that I still cherish. I can revive the day it was gifted to me in a small cig smoke filled dungeon room amidst people who I don’t even know exist or not. The “You were made for me” glass souvenir lies neat on my work desk gifted by Pan, reminds me of all the tantrums I made that made such a lovely & sensible selection gift finally.

Our home has 2 doctors, & they get gifted by all the rep guys. & I am the sole owner of all the freebies. One of my drawers is full of them, stationeries, innovative bulbs, auto sensor hand washers, perfumes, toiletries, room fresheners, photo frames, cutleries, candles, digital planners etc.

I use some now and store rest for when we have our new home. But nothing goes wasted i.e. thrown or given to relatives. I sometimes wonder why these reps can’t give stuff like optical mouse or headphones or laptop goodies & then I remember that they are doctors, ones with stethoscope & not with keyboard.