10 Jul 2010

Sweet Talks Helps to Sweat

Everyone eyes the treadmill and no one wants the cycle. There is gigantic competition to go early and get hold of one. All 3 of us are up by 5:15, & by 5:40 we are in the gym only to see that there are people on them already. Each day we try & reach 5 minutes earlier but alas every time those morons beat us.

They are bunch of oldies that are sleep deprived. I mean how else would you imagine someone hitting the gym at 5am? I started gym only to tone/shape up my body, which a walk wouldn’t do and that I cannot wake up so soon. By the time I am up the sun would be singing suprabhata and the walks would be along with the scorching heat.

When the retired gang can be up by 5am, why waste time indoors? They could walk, chat and enjoy the fresh air. But no, they have to enroll for the gym, spend money, and waste our time. They are in an age where lifting up a kg of dumbbells would strain a muscle. So toning never comes in picture. I just sweet chatted with one of the grandpa and now when I am in, he obediently leaves me the machine; Pati and BIL are left with mouth-wide-open. Try that grandma-who-comes-with-makeup-to-look-like-aunty, I suggested but they won’t listen.

“Dishonesty is not equal to cheating”, I follow.


Prakash said...

Chicken Chops , Mosru bajji yellri
Muddhe amele Mutton korma