27 Jul 2010

Tip Tip Barsa Paani

Alright I guess the climate has stayed constant for all these days & that itself requires some accolades in the form of a write-up. More attention coz this time the gloomy weather has made me active and not otherwise.

The lovely drizzles that do the tip-top dance in the early morning wake me up, the chill temperature provokes me to work more at the gym keeping the body warm, the drive back home with some light showers cools me just right, then a hot shower to relax the tiring muscles, cup of fresh STRONG filter coffee from MIL…. – all are making my life so relaxing and I so want more of it.

& till date I was in a bad notion that such weather asks for cuddling with better half along with some hot pakoras blended with coffee viewing a great thriller movie. Of course that can be done over the weekend.

May be I could replace the bhuttas instead of pakoras, helps lessen the calorie intake.

Tip Tip Barsa Paani, Paani ne aag lagayi Paani ne mood badal daali