30 Aug 2010

A Clean 300th Post

Spring cleaning is not what I like. Not because of the work it requires (it’s mom who does that anyway) but coz she will again throw things that I managed to hide & store during the last clean.

“Why do you need that?” is mommy’s question every time.

I’ll use/need it someday, is my answer. She is clever, makes a fake act of agreeing and keeping it inside the storage boxes but when I am off home she throws them. Out of sight is out of mind and moreover the next cleaning session will happen after a quarter passes by, she will not remember is her idea. I am cleverer than her (some upgraded genes after all) I book the maid who is given the chore of throwing waste (as she calls, I call them memories). I get them from the money minded kaamwaali and put them back neatly to where they belonged earlier. It is she who forgets them during the next session that she’d thrown away those stuff.

I was in my native last weekend, the place where I grew up, & the store room had my clothes of age 3 to 13. It was bliss to open them all and recollect all the occasions those clothes were worn. Pati too is aware of this let-me-keep-it-i'll-use-them-someday obsession and has decided to make the storage room bigger.

I suggest to have two store rooms, one for the family stuff that I am gonna keep and another just for me, my stuff.

“What if I won’t?” he asks.

“I’ll throw you out of the room baby. So make sure at least the living is bigger and has a comfortable seating” I say.

So we will have two stores, that’s decided!!!

P.S: Its 3 years & 300 posts today – Cheers to my long writing and your patient reading!!


Anonymous said...

TT : Cheers drlng......