23 Aug 2010

De-Morgan, where are thou?

My mind these days works like the NOT gate or the inverter; when life is good & smooth going, it worries whether this is the “silent – state” before the powerful storm and when life is going through a rough patch it consoles that things could have been worse.

Is the logical inversion for good or bad? What if the bubble wasn’t there, would the life be any different?

One tough circuit this!

P.S: This Post is dedicated to MLD who followed us till S'patna, came till the temple, saw us inside the water, ran away abruptly as if he went to report it to RDX then only, stopped us at the Mysore Bangalore road, did not get scared of my I-have-long-hair-so-I-have-the-right-to-leave-it-open look !!!