17 Aug 2010

The G-Link !!!

One of my dear friends told me the first time we met “There WILL be a link that connects all GOWDAS, No matter which part of Karnataka you hail from”. & indeed it was true, we were relatives, his dad’s brother’s wife (to be read as his aunt) is my dad’s cousin brother’s wife’s (to be read as my aunt) cousin. I am not sure whether the people who connected know this but we both knew that we are connected, through them.

I started to observe this link on almost on all acquaintances. In that way I even started knowing that I had those kind of relatives, which if not I would have met on my wedding day, smiled, clicked picture & taken the gift, but nothing more than that.

I keep telling sister to bond with people outside Mysore, Mandya, Hassan and Bangalore vicinity at college. It will be the same mutton oota, chithali amma, chunchungiri and gowdru politics with those lads, the stuff that dad has done by not moving out of town. I guide her to talk to people from different parts of India and world, learn new languages, and make contacts. What if your patient doesn’t know Kannada, English or Hindi, I ask her?

I have named the typical “Oh we are relatives” with a new name “G-Link” (not inspired from any of the strings mind you). Yesterday it was the heights at a wedding; I was invited from the guy’s side, he being a great friend and his family our close allies, Pati from the girl’s side, bride’s brother was his classmate, they were neighbors for long. When I met the girl I realized that the girl was my classmate at Joseph’s.

So much for being grounded and not spreading wings; Hmmmmphhhh!!!!


The Kingmaker said...

Ha ha ha cant believe u actually put this on ur blog :)