19 Aug 2010

Gaana Bajaana

New favorite songs can actually make you obsessed with them. Most of the newly added to favorites will be played all through the day, again and again, sung n number of times, lyrics viewed to lip sync, that’s what they do to you; they make you go mad until the next one catches your attention ears. My biggest boomer till date is listening to a 4:45 minutes clip 391 times in a day.

Few tunes have to be listened just once to be fond of them, but there are tracks that make you fall after you’ve heard them again & again on radio/TV. Specific ones are appreciated after the movie is watched. I am not even talking about the ones that are bad, the lyrics made just to sync with the already composed hit tune of some other language. I am not much fan of remixes but certain times, I repeat only at few instances the remixes sound better than the original.

Also the tunes…wait a minute I just heard something and its calling me. We shall discuss more on this later.

Until then Keep Listening.