3 Aug 2010

Him & Her

“Perfumes” clued his thoughts. She already has so many brands and what if she doesn’t like my choice. So off went perfumes which were the last option his mind could think of. Watches, bags, purses, chocolates, flowers, diamonds, jewellary, Sarees, accessories, cell phones, gadgets he had bought her all.

I have to take help of Pappu and so he called her.

“Hello” answered Pappu.

“I have to get her a birthday gift. I am not able to figure, please help me”

“Dad, for all these 30 years, mom has always liked what you gave her. So stop behaving like a kid and get her what your heart says”

That day, their home had a small puppy “Montu” and she loved it.

P.S – august is not a good month for me. Knowing so many Leos and early Virgos leads to confusions – financial (how to manage budget) and commercially (what to choose as present)

Happy Birthday to all the fiery august born who know nothing but to succeed.