5 Aug 2010

Illi Ondu Sign Maadi sir….

Signatures are the only thing that stays by your deathbed and even beyond. May be you can’t take the property you made after you leave the world but certainly you can decide who can have it. They are the ones that determine all the serious stuff, to tell you that you are married, have kids, you are the parent, you hold the authority, and they reveal that you are YOU.

Once you are 18 the first thing you should do is not visit the video parlor to buy the blue colored DVD but practice a significant, easy-for-you-tough-for-others-to-understand-and-copy sign. Practice the same until you get it right, sign at 5 places & all the 5 should look similar, the lines, the dots, and the way you strike through, perfect all.

Well, that’s when you become an adult.

Your signature could reveal a lot about you, your personality, your identity and the way you deal things. Graphology does just that; some have three dots below their name and few two... a few signatures start and end with upper an inclination and many are at the same level. Most of them are hard to read, but if you look at 99% of fairer sex’s signatures you can without any hassles get to know their names.

Then there are people who love creating signatures, who are very well aware of the letters and combining them to get a manuscript. I got mine inspired from one such person. My signature has a smile, & that’s what the person who taught me to sign left in my life “A smile”.

A smile when things are not working your way, a smile when you are giving your responsibility to someone else, a smile when your taking a responsibility, a smile that leaves a pleasing effect what so may be the situation.

Signing off with a :)