20 Aug 2010

Lakshyayidhi Lakshmihi

I have draped Saree and wore Mysuru mallige second time in this week. Phew, these marriages and festivals I tell you. Al though they last just for a day, preparations are for a life time and even when the occasion is done the arrangements yet falls short.

I went gold shopping yesterday, was longing to buy those traditional gold Jhumkas. After a lot of searching and re-searching, shifting jewel showrooms finally got hold of one. It is conventional and at the same time a tiny bell hangs between the Jhumka adding a modern touch, oh, & also makes the tingling noise when I move. One more khathri to Pati’s purse and blade to his bank balance, serves him right for canceling the trip to Kodai.

For the first time I have independently carried out the “Puja” today. From cleaning and washing, arranging and decorating, flowers and flagrances to aarti and prasadam, all neatly done and executed at mom’s place. My not-so-well-mother who thought that this year the puja cannot be done was almost in tears; ha I like surprising people some times, giving them the unexpected.

Now its time for some corporate work wearing customary south Indian attire, & then handling the daughter-in-law’s responsibility at the in-laws this evening.

May you guys get complete blessings from ashta – Adi, Dhanya, Dhairya, Gaja, Santana, Vijaya, Vidya and Dhana Lakshmi !!!


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wish you the same Kaavya

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