31 Aug 2010

Say Cheese

I used to visit this place called “Chill n Relax” for my manicures and pedicures. The service offered was worth every penny, the ambience and the hygiene were also full on. But most important thing about the place that not even made me visit them but also refer my friends was the lady at the reception. She was one cheerful human being I have ever met, full of life, made sure that the clients were attended the moment they came in, if they had to wait made sure they are comfortable with magazines or asked them if they want any specific channel to watch on TV while they are at the lounge. Oh she also reminded people a day before about their appointments, and she knew everyone by their name. Never forgot to ask about the immediate family and how they were doing.

One fine day when I was there I did not see her. Her absence was so visible and felt. I asked the person in charge and she told me that she didn’t work for them anymore.

The new lady at the desk wasn’t good; her bar wasn’t even near that graceful lady. I don’t know if it was my psychology but even the services had dropped and the place was disorganized to the core. I stopped visiting and was told by friends that they too had bad hospitality hence are not availing their services anymore.

Front office is such an important role for any business. It can make and break the trade so immensely. They are the first set of people who represent your company and if they are not up to the mark, it creates a negative impact even if you are providing the best.

All you ladies/gentlemen at the reception lounge “Remember a smile is more contagious than a yawn, go ahead, brighten someone’s mood and make someone’s day”