26 Aug 2010

Sudden Wonder

She dusted the box. A series of cough followed; it had to be wiped twice in a wet cloth, the box was that dirty.

Few wipes and she realized that it was the “Apple 80Gb Black Classic ipod” box.

It has stopped working the day she threw it in anger, the same day when she threw all his materialistic memories off her closet. “Never do or talk stuff when you’re angry”, he used to tell her ample times & she never understood. It had stopped working.

He put into her hands, that black colored, 80 GB apple ipod. “I love it when my closed ones are superior between loose talking people” he had declared. & it had indeed worked well in creating fumes.

“I should get this working”, she decided after all it was bought with hard earned money and valued with emotions.

She plugged in the device that looked brand new after the cleaning. The status showed “Charging”

A sudden wonder happened and she was bale to retrieve all the songs, videos and photos inside.

May be god repaired the device; she wished if he could repair the relationship as well, but then wishes should never come true by breaking other’s wishes. Isn’t it?


Acp said...

it worked coz it was with one of the most safe custodian....:)