12 Aug 2010

The "This" & "That" syndrome

My mom has it & how!!! She irritates all of us with it. I wonder if it’s her age that’s doing the trick or is it that she cannot concentrate on two things at a time. Confused? I’ll explain, imagine a happy household where husband has gone out for work, the lady of the house is done with kitchen chores & is happily watching the news channels showing how-deal-manja-got-dealed, kids are playing around the house kids are watching TV in their respective rooms, you get the picture?

Ya that’s when the mother remembers that watching TV needs just her eye attention & her hands are free, they could do any not attention needed job. So she yells out loud to the kids who have their doors closed.

The kids come out of their room after few minutes and the mom instructs “Please get me that which is kept there”. Now the kids, poor little kids, what can they comprehend? They politely ask what should be got and where is the location. She yells at them for not listening for the first time & repeats in a harsh tone “Get me that tray of greens kept in the kitchen”. Sometimes she herself forgets what she wanted and sends us back. Oh, I changed my mind she confronts.

The kid (read me) does the same; not that I am not there, sis says that the problem has increased. She once said her to get her cell phone and when sis gave it to her yelled at her for bringing the wrong phone when she never told the specification that it had to be the phone that’s used only for STD calls.

We have sensed that the major culprit is the age and other is the silly world wide news she watches all day. We can’t ask her not to watch it as that’s the only companion she has got after I came out of home & it is better than the saas bahu soaps. & these days everyone believes the “Bharathi News”, its short, its real, its mix of all the news channels and most importantly its fast. They just call her and get the updates, & she will be more than happy to do so. Sports, Politics, Cinema, nowadays for aliya she has updated her knowledge base with Sensex and stuff.

Don’t be shocked if she has her own channel someday, we’ll name it “Vividha Bharathi” may be.