4 Aug 2010

TM Tale

*Imagine a non-Indian speaking hindi, just like those tele-brand ads*

Kya aap baar baar gym mein join hokar pareshaan hai?
Kya aapko work se pursat nahi ke aap work-out karpaye?
Kya aap apni pasand kapde nahi pehen paa rahe hai?
Kya aap.....

[Oh damn cut the crap]

Dear women/girl/lady of the house who have a treadmill at home, do not, I repeat do not go for a higher end washing machine that dries off the washed crispy clean clothes.

Put the clothing on the treadmill for drying, it will not only dry clothes indoor during the rainy season but also ensures that the clothes fit you.

It is difficult to burn calories in order to fit into clothes, drying them on TM will expand them. Make the rules and your clothes will obey.