13 Sept 2010

Ca - 20

The Bones are scary.
The Bones on the study table.
Study table of Vatti who has to learn about them in her academics.

But why bring them home is my question? I venture into her room, switch on the lights and bam there are close to 15 bones of all shapes and sizes laid arranged neatly on the desk. Recent read of Maatagaathi dd not help much, I was reminded of what-you-will-certainly-find in an Aghori’s bag.

& till date when she talked about ordering the bones from the hospital, I thought they would make them out of plaster of Paris. Not even in dreams I figured she meant they were real ones, of someone not around anymore. Come think of it, as a non-doctor, whose bones that could be. Did he die a natural death or was he an unclaimed mysteriously dead one? Would he be ok if he’d knew that his body and bones were used, polished with some kind of oil and given to students each year, collected back, re-polished and given back for just 500 bucks? May be he gave his body for study purpose like actor Lokesh.

On that note does Lokesh’s family go to the college to view the body? Or may be they avoid it because as sister says the bodies shrink and one cannot even make out the identity. I can get the answer from his offspring may be. But meanwhile what answer I did not get was whether Mayor Uncle was true of donating bodies being a great thing to do. Would he donate his body to such hospitals while he confidently said this?

I better call & check; before that my dear sister who will be a doctor someday, yes we are proud of you that you are living your dream of studying in JSS, that what you missed last time by not placing an application, then studied civil for an year in JCE & did well there too, when everyone were sure you would have dropped your idea of taking entrance again you took COMED-K, came out in rainbow colors to join JSS but please would you for heavens sake move those calcium masses off the table.

I am from the world of copy-paste and mouse-clicks and qwerty-keyboards and format-reboot and USB-Bluetooth and ok you got the point, somehow cannot digest that sight.