22 Sept 2010

Code Chutney - 1

“Can you pass on the sauce please?”

“Here you go”

Purvi goes ahead and pops the sauce on the sirf-do-minute-but-actually-5-minute-Maggi-noodles while her eyes are glued to “Yeh Rishtha Kya Kehlaatha Hai” soap on “Star Minus”.

Shailesh watches her swirl the fork to pick the noodles, then to finally take a first bite and then shout…..

“Shailu I will kill you, what the F&*^ is this taste”

“Ha that was vinegar mixed baby; I wonder how you ladies are so involved watching the dramas that you forget family and even food”

“You wanna know why? Let me get you first, I’ll tell you why”

Purvi and Shailesh were naughtily & happily married for 4 years. She worked for a software firm and he was the head cook for “Garlic” groups of hotels. Her code worked well at his office and his recipes did wonders at their home. To Purvi “Java” was a platform and to Shailesh it was aromatic coffee produced on the island of Java; she could work well after having a cuppa “Java Coffee” and his recipes sold like hot cakes under her “Java” platform based software. They both believed that their marriage worked wonder as it was built under “fun”.

While they were enjoying their life one fine day…..it happened