23 Sept 2010


Mamatha, 2nd STD student is very happy about the 2 days declared holiday. “I shall make most of the time, will prepare well for the mid-terms”

“We have got a much awaited break” Rajesh, a part-time gym instructor who also attends the evening college never gets an off is delighted with the state’s orders to close down institutions.

“I’ll leave to my native on Thursday afternoon, it’s been such long I visited them” Pavana just finished booking her bus ticket online & is waiting to meet her family.

The police are having special drills and sessions, the communal harmonies continue with “keep peace” messages and somewhere it is announced that the judgment is postponed. Everyone knows that the CWG starts next week, again keeping it as a reason will be called off.

Ha so much nautanki for nothing I tell you, holidays are declared then taken back, the plans made and changed, marriages, movie releases all are on stake & people are taken as a joke.

When they haven’t even decided on the date of judgment, just imagine what the fate of the decision will be.

& still we have to be proud about being Indians.


ACP said...

Yes we are still Proud to be Inadians.