21 Sept 2010

Kaan aur Kaun

Voice over artists, background singers, dubbing artists people who basically work with their voices are recognized by the kind of tones they have or the accent they use. Their voice is their recognition, and that is the one that paints their picture.

It’s baaye-khaan-ka-khel guessing the singer’s name in “Bahoth Pyaar karte hai” as SPB but have you heard SPB giving an interview in Kannada or the way he hosts “Yedhe Tumbi Haaduvenu”? He pronounces the words like a child and he adds so much happiness to his talks.

Ha though the class of talk is a little kashinath-type RJ Rohith in Big FM (he calls himself rock star, I cannot) has got a husky want to listen kinda voice and all the ads that run on the radio with his voice can be recognized.

While talking about pleasant voices I should mention about one scary laugh; that of my good friend and colleague Shammi. It can scare anyone, don’t believe?

I can make you guys listen it here but you have to promise to come back tomorrow! It's a tough deal, are you ready