27 Sept 2010

Kaliyuga Mahisasuras

Someday: District in charge minister says that this year’s Dasara will be the best, mostly because there will just be “Yeddy’s” Blow-ups and none others along with him. May be goddess Chamundeshwari & the elephant gang will be included.

Someday + 1: A new minister is made the District in charge and he calls for a meeting with all the people associated with it to discuss where the work is and where it needs to go.

Someday + 2: The first citizen, i.e. Mayor realizes that this year it will be 400th year of Dasara after someone explained him the logic behind some common man’s logo, finally selects the logo and gives a press note that this is the logo that has been selected. District minister is angry that the decision was not taken along with him.

Someday + 3: District minister takes the revenge, calls for the calendar/poster release ceremony without the Mayor but includes DC and the Dy Mayor.

Someday + 4: Mayor says that BJP based District Minister is ignoring the JD(S) based first citizen.

Someday + 5: Al though he is invited Mayor decides to skip the inauguration of the Jaatha.

Meanwhile the DC, Dy Mayor is getting all the attention in between these according-to-them-not-so-silly-problems.

& somewhere in the palace the elephants eat the so-called-calorie-based meal, everywhere in Mysore there are lights put-up, pot holes are being re-tarred, paints are thrown at government buildings & far away the goddess is shameful about the kaliyuga.

P.S: just few days to the royal festival, the Dasara Committee is not yet formed.