29 Sept 2010

Linkin Up

Its long time there has been long week offs to schools/colleges/offices due to shutdown/curfew isn’t it? Last time it was when some actor was abducted. Not that I am asking for one, but then what is life without disturbances and turbulences.

Talking about turbulences I am reminded of the trying-to-look-dumb-size-zero King Fisher airhostesses. I am not sure whether the weather causes any turbulence but the chicks certainly cause to the fellow passenger men.

King Fisher se yaad aaya, our city will have the airport functioning from Oct 1st 2010. Domestic flights will fly to Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Goa as well. I hope the airport, the planes, air traffic and especially the pilots operating from here will have good amount of flying experience.

The Indian Air Force is the name one can think of while discussing flying experience. Currently fixed-wing transport fleet comprises 24 IL-76 and all of them are kept ready for tomorrow’s Ayodhya verdict happening at 3:30pm. I am not sure how many lives will be made and how many lives will be lost due to this maha judgement.

Come think of it Karnataka especially Mysore has been losing a lot of theatre/cinema artists off late. RIP Vaishali & Ratnakar. I suppose art arena is having that bad time.

Oh about time, office hours are changed on the eve of the verdict. We are asked to shift the entry 9:30am time to 8am and exit time to . That asks for a rewind of 1.5hours of usual daily morning activities time.

Gym is one morning activity I don’t want to miss but since two days giving it a skip for no good reasons. I so decided today morning that I will without fail make it on Thursday but looks like it will have to be called off again for no fault of mine.

You all must be wondering what the hell is this link-up all about, Oh damn I am just bored. When I am bored what I usually do is…. Errr that will be another post I guess.

*Does a Deepika Padukone Om Shanti Om Aakhon mein teri Hand wave* & leaves the stage.