5 Sept 2010

Somewhere far away...

A private cottage
Blanket wrapping weather
Rain hitting the window pane
Long time due book by the bedside
Great soothing music from the plugged ipod
~50 unwatched movies in 1TB external hard disk
Relaxing steams and sauna baths, deep tissue oil massages
No deadlines & no boss & no stress, basically no work
Ma and Pati, 2 important people by my side, not bugging me

Just main aur meri tanhaayee err SOLITUDE, I am living a dream right now and next 9 days.

But wish there was some , ok a little food, sigh!!!
No matter how good your life is, you can never stop imagining a genie coming out a bottle to grant you a wish 3 wishes isn't it? Tsk Tsk it is hard to satify the human breed.

Anyways I’ll get back real clean I tell you. Make sure you recognize me.
Ta for now.