14 Sept 2010

They blow their own horn

Some relatives whom I fail to recognize even after they naming a 100 people through who we are related have come home to invite us for their kid’s wedding

After serving them the oh-yeah-I-know-you-guys fake smile and coffee, there seem to be a long pause. Only sipping of coffee can be heard. Irritated by the sounds of slurp I decide to break the ice.

Me: So aunty where do you stay these days?
Aunty: We have built a house in Mandya and stay there

Ha if someone would have put the same question to me, my answer would be “Mysore”. Whether I have built the home or someone else built it, should that matter? But for such annoying people it does.

It doesn’t end there

Aunty: So you both go in car everyday to office?
Me: Yeah we do.
MIL: Sometimes they take the two-wheeler too.

MIL is scared that the lady would plant her not-so-good-drushti on us and we’ll be affected.

Aunty: Actually we use our car only when we have to go to far off places.
Me and MIL: ok

She just told us that they have a car.

After few minutes of idhar-udhar ki baatein they leave and to my surprise they handed over a card, but never in a hospitable way invited us for the wedding.

Shucks, it’s better off not knowing such people, I tell you.


Pradeep Nair said...

O I could just visualise this.. :)... So true... And very typically Indian, sometimes I feel... Even I get put off by such people.

Faraaz Kazi said...

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