18 Oct 2010

Film: Jackie

It was Vijayadashami day and I found heaps of crowds marching on the road. I assumed that these people had come to watch the world famous Dasara Jambu Savari; they all proved me so wrong. It was to watch Janakiraama, a.k.a Jackie at the theatres.

Yes Jackie is a crowd puller commercial movie directed by Suri of Duniya fame teamed well with mass lyricist Yograj along with musician V.Harikrishna. A feast to all the power star fans who were deprived of his mass dialogues/acting in his previous movie Pruthvi.

A simple story, which drags a bit somewhere in the middle, somehow knit so that all the characters meet by co-incidence which is well managed by our hero who does everything from being a good brother, great speaker, gives shelter to the escaped criminals, plays cards well and makes money, honest friend, bad son, to-be realtor, saves heroine, helps police, collects roll call, guards dead body, does stuff that the cops cannot do, traps & rescues his girl and finally the motive of the movie finds the runaway pujari’s daughter.  

The actions are from different Danny, very neat and innovative; although the beds on which the grass was spread to help the stunts were visible at many sequences. Dialogues had lot of punches, especially why the hat of the policemen is folded at one side, the elephant killing the politician who almost signed the 60 acres land and the english speaking Rangayana family. The into song has great choreography, credits to Imraan, Harsha and Ganesh. Of course Ekka Raja Rani and Shiva anta hogutide has captured the hearts of the youth.

Sumithra plays hero’s mom and has a voice dubbed by someone else which is not very good probably the role she plays asks for that rigid voice. The heroine is so plain and has no role to play, even when she has, she does not even attempt to. She is just the mac-make-up chick in the movie. Rangayana Raghu takes away lot of accolades for his comedy.

Watch the movie for the first-rate songs & Puneeth’s dance in them, for knock dialogues and Puneeth delivering them, for unlike actions and Puneeth hitting the opposition, for the effortless story and Puneeth taking it along; heck just watch it for Puneeth I say.

Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie!!!!


Acp said...

Huh... really deatiled one, even though it does not help me personally it would be of great help for movie buffs, please consider of reviewing the movies for some reputated Daily News Papers... u could really do a good job.. cheers

Rags said...

Kavya r u trying to endorse the movie or writing a review or promoting it ;)