29 Oct 2010

Happily Hello

This is in memory of my cell phone N79

It was the best phone I had; Too good for the Music and the Email use, but then it was almost old as my marriage. I cannot do anything about the wedding so thought at least I’ll give a cell phone a change. More positives to it, it went for a good take back price as well.

What better date could it be than 10/10/10. It took both me and Pati just 30 min to get the new one. Nokia E-72 white J

I resisted doing the review till date, hoping I would get some flaws to write on. 20 days & still found none. This one’s giving a tough fight for the previous one on the “My favorite cell phone” genre.

The dear shop keeper offered this one for 17100; came along with a Nokia BH-216 Bluetooth, a white pouch, a jewel accessory, has 8GB memory card with a good flash, 5MP non-carl-zeiss camera and most importantly what E 71 doesn’t have an optical scroll. Bored with Black, I wanted to try the new color (probably Bapu too influenced me). The Black one though will not have a Bluetooth and hence priced 1k less than the white.

It took a while adjusting to the QWERTY keyboard but now both the hands are in sync. The best feature is the optical scroll; it gives a blackberry feel but at the same time the look & feel is not very boring-corporate. Too many shortcuts are making life easier and after this world is so in my fingertips. More importantly downloads happen at greater pace, & the Bluetooth has been rightly configured. Now the phone lies in the pocket while I jog in wee hours with music turned on.

Pati is happy that I am up and running without showing any tantrums, hence world is a happier place to live in!!!