8 Oct 2010

Jana Bakra

Around 1905, Mysore was regarded to be having a golden phase and stated to be best administrated state in the world. It became noted as one of the India’s best Industrial hub. Education, arts and agriculture too rose to a very higher level. The golden age of Carnatic classical music, was also at this time. Bapu even went ahead & called it as “Ramarajya”, something that Nehru and Jinnah could not even dream about. It was possible because of one man, Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV.

I wonder how shameful goddess Chamundeshwari must be feeling when I-am-still-the-CM was part of the 400th Dasara 2010 inauguration today. The news channels last evening showed the worst political dramas. Son-father fights, son-father planning, resort rajakeeya, stone throwing, special flights, shifting locations and what not.

There was this mutidella chinna agtithu” time and now its “chinna na kanna hodeyo” time, inbetween "Jana Bakra".