1 Oct 2010

Mauth Ha Haath

It’s a brightly lit room. The table has lot of X-rays, medical reports, journals, a stethoscope and the BP machine. The doctor couple of minutes ago did a thorough examination on me after making me lay on the resin bed which stenches of sanitizer & is by the corner of the room.

He takes a final look at the report, places them on the table, looks at us and lets out a big sigh. I was already sweating, Pati gave me his hanky.

“Kavya, can you show me your hands” said the doctor.

“Now do how I say. Just open your fists and close. Keep doing it until I tell you”.

I started the process, still sweating. The tension was at its peak, few minutes from then I could feel something moving. I stopped the close-open exercise and checked my palm. I could see a red noodle like creature moving between my fingers. I almost fainted by that sight.

“See, this is what I wanted to tell you. There are tons of them inside you, Kavya. Do not worry we can kill them. But for that you will have to brave”

“How How” I shouted. I suddenly felt the presence of all them at once. The pain gushed all over my body especially the hand. I could still see it.

“Let me show you”.

The doctor just slit my palm and the disgusting creature popped its head out. Then with the same knife that he cut me, he chopped off that worm. It came to a stand still. Then he neatly used his forceps to pull out the dead mass.

I shrieked.

Pati shouted “What happened?”

& then I realized that it was a damn dream. It’s all my stupid little sister’s fault. I mean she has taken a pic of the hand she dissected at her college and had to show me.

Bleedy the same hand haunted me that night. You won’t believe how happy I was at that moment I did not have any worm-inside-disease. Anyways let me leave you’ll with that pleasant haath.