22 Oct 2010

The Melting Stones

Someday back just outside Corner House we were stopped by a woman holding a baby. I don’t know if it was her baby, but she claimed money in its name.

“My baby hasn’t eaten since many days” she begged.

I ignored the lady and was in the car soon. I guess Pati gave away few bucks behind me. Such a stone hearted lady, he mumbled while driving. & people who have agreed with him, yes I am store hearted chick to all the people in the world who have the ability to work but chose the easier way of begging/stealing in the name of sympathy.

If you are helping such people, that’s not showing kindness at all. It would in turn be encouragement for them to stay idle and also motivate the rest to start the same. My heart goes out for the limping man who is part of dusters group at my work place. He walks a lot even though he is handicapped, just because he believes that he can do it for himself and for his family. By the way such people don’t even expect empathy from you. Just holding door and a smile would do wonders.

If you are nodding your head now, I am pleased. If not thank you for reading by have a great weekend.


Acp said...

U knw i agree with u completely... Guess u were inspired me.. :)