25 Oct 2010

The Right Partner? Who?

There is so much happening at work place that it’s hard not to mention about it and even harder to quote the details.

I’ll keep it short; we shall be new from 26th. & as a part of that big event there is a lot of noise happening around. We finished a collage competition centered on retail early morning. Of course I participated, looks like there were better entries than what I made. So no high hopes on the concept. If it wins it should only because Jeff thought “Jennifer Kotwal” as Tom Cruise’s ex. I wonder if he even got the concept of “Bollywood”, anyways participation is important J

There is a bigger event coming up tomorrow, that’s setting up a retail kiosk of our respective client. Our client does business on auto parts so we are kind of having a race track around the bay and a virtual tour of the store inside our principle manager’s room.

Hopefully we’ll emerge winners on this one, wish me luck please & I’ll put up the photos later.