7 Oct 2010

Unseen Beliefs

I can’t believe it’s already a year since I wrote this. Time too does a time pass these days, flies so fast. So this will be the first time I am not visiting my native to seek blessings from maternal grandma, paternal grandpa & rest of the very elder relations who come down on this day to check on us & to have a taste of mane oota.

This year I ought to meet, pray and take blessings from Pati’s ancestors for the first time. I have taken the responsibility of washing the banyan leaf on which the spreads (too many to be penned) will be neatly arranged. I hope I do a good job (should I use dettol?), you see first impression bantha hai na boss. I already smell the delicious khaana here at office that MIL will be cooking back home.

I’ am off to have dinner with the ancestors who are not with us anymore and grandma/pa if you are reading this, do forgive my absence this year or you could have a stop at my new home & have some coffee may be.