12 Nov 2010

10 reasons why....

You should go for your morning walk/jog ALONE

  1. It gives you lot of space, to observe the beauty around. Duh, I mean the nature not the opposite sex. Actually you can eye on them as well. Whose father what goes?
  2. You don’t have to wait for someone or hurry up or skip the routine just because there is no company. You are your master. Just making sure you are up would solve the problem.
  3. Company involves talks, & talks include gossip that means problems; negative stuff is not the way you should begin your day with.
  4. When there is no talk, your walking speed will not vary. The paunch will start feeling the heat.
  5. You can plan your day ahead, prioritize tasks and have a mental picture of how you want your day to be. There you go no need of any secretaries or high end schedulers.
  6. This would be “the” way to enhance your creativity. If you are a writer, you could think of a blog post, if you are good at painting you could work out the colors for your latest piece. Now you know how I have content to write everyday.
  7. You can compete with so many people unlike one or two in your company. Pace up, jog or run, do whatever to over take the lady in front & there by shed calories.
  8. You could plug on the ipod and revive all the memories with the songs or simply head bang your walk away. Appreciate music; Subbu lakshmi will be proud of you.
  9. You have all the independence to try new roads, places less walked on; address knowledge will improve.
  10. Finally, because I am telling.
So, do it!!!